Don't let the cold, "freeze" up your schedule!

Most standard 7-way trailer connections can withstand below freezing temperatures... as long as you don't plan on using them in freezing temperatures for very long. If you do find yourself hauling out in the cold frequently, you may want to consider the Arctic Cord.  

Arctic Cord remains flexible, and wont split when you need it most. Heavy duty construction from the self-cleaning double pins, to the sealed silicone bonded wires, Have been specially formulated to withstand the bitter cold. Rated to a chilly -40*C. Being flexible in freezing climates is key to not cracking or splitting wires.

Or, maybe you like to tow your favorite rig across the scorching trails in Death Valley, The Arctic Cord is still your best bet! Rated at a boiling 105*C, or 221*F!

With a sealed, flexible, and snug fitting Arctic Cord, you can rest assured your rigs 7-way connection wont be putting the FREEZE on your plans!!!

And for your convenience, we stock 3 different lengths just for you! 

Check out our selection!

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