Back Up and Observation Camera

Back Up and Observation Camera

The new Vision 2 Observation camera from Furrion is in a league of its own. 

For the past few years, the wireless camera after-market line up has been pretty "archaic" to say the least, with poor signal, poor picture, poor quality, all leading to a poor experience. A wireless camera system is supposed to make hard tasks easy, like changing lanes on the highway, backing into tight spots, or even checking your load. Unfortunately, a wireless setup that actually works, could cost you big bucks...Not Anymore 

Furrion's Vision 2 features the latest in 2.4Ghz technology, for a clear picture, up to 100 feet, with no interference. Furrion's infrared camera streams its picture to a 4.3" LCD color display. Featuring image stabilization, night vision, direct pairing, and its vibration resistant. Tested for natures extreme climates, with a viewing angle of 110*, keeping an eye on your rig has never been easier. And its now possible.

In our own words, "We have the Vision 2 Observation System on our RV, and we don't know how this camera hasn't made its way onto every RV...We love it"

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