Wire Harness - Replacement 7 Way Plug Section for Dump Trailers

Vision LED

$ 52.95 

  • Part #: OTP-CH-14D3P
  • Description: 1 (One) Wire harness 7 way replacement plug section for dump trailers. This harness piece is meant to replace a worn, damaged or missing front harness section. This harness section has the sealed 7 way RV style plug, break away switch wires and fuse link as well as the connector to attach to your existing harness. Unit is approximately 6 ft usable length.
  • Note: This is an OEM part used on Snake River and C&B dump trailers. Some customizing may need to be preformed for your specific use. Old Style ends feature the charge fuse on the cord, where as the New Style carries it onto the next adjacent harness.