Wire Harness - Replacement 7 & 4 Way Plug Section for Dump Trailers ***New Style***

Vision LED

$ 52.95 
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  • Part #: OTP-CH-FM1P-14
  • Description: 1 (One) Wire harness 7 and 4 way replacement plug section for dump trailers. This harness piece is meant to replace a warn, damaged or missing front harness section. This harness section has the sealed 7 way RV style plug and a 4 way plug both, break away switch wires and fuse link as well as the connector to attach to your existing harness.
  • Note: This is an OEM part used on Snake River and C&B dump trailers, specifically Compact Power rentals. Some customizing may need to be preformed for your specific use. ***NEW STYLE*** Pigtail easily replaced by plugging directly into wire harness sausage without extra wires to route.