Universal Submersible LED Trailer Light Kit (Under 80" Wide Trailers)


$ 43.95 $ 55.95
SKU: OTP-J-24245-NC

  • Part #: OTP-J-24245-NC
  • Description: 1 (One) Universal submersible trailer light kit. Universal 18 diode street side multi function tail light with license plate illumination. Universal curbside 14 diode multi function tail light. Both tail lights have marker diodes. 
  • Kit Contains:
    • Street side light 18 diodes.
    • Curbside light 14 diodes.
    • Trailer wire harness with flat 4-way connector (25' hot wires and 30" ground wire).
    • License plate bracket made of flexible and virtually indestructible thermoplastic resin.
    • Wire connectors for 14-18 gauge wire as well as wire frame clips.