Universal Deluxe Trailer Light Kit (Under 80" Wide Trailers)


$ 20.18 $ 20.95

  • Part #: OTP-J-2024-NCD
  • Description: 1 (One) Deluxe  trailer light kit for trailers under 80" wide. Uses 2 square combination tail lights for stop, turn, marker, and license plate light (Street side) along with 2 amber clearance lights.  Tail lights are mounted on studs to fit standard 2 post square style mounting applications. Clearance lights are mounted on single studs.
  • Kit Contains: 
    • Street side with license plate light with 8" hot lead wires.
    • Curbside lamps. 8" hot lead wires.
    • 2 amber clearance lights. 6" hot lead wire.
    • Trailer wire harness with 4-way flat connector (25' hot wires and 30" ground wire).
    • License plate bracket made of flexible and virtually indestructible thermoplastic resin.
    • Wire connectors for 14-18 gauge wires as well as wire frame clips.