Stabilizer Leg - 17 1/2" Tall (Heavy Duty)

Home Brand

$ 59.95 
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  • Part #: OTP-GNFB-LEG-17.5-HD
  • Description: 1 (One) 17.5" tall stabilizer leg/load leg painted black. 2"X2"X.240 tube drilled for 5/8" pin attached to 2"x3"x.250 tube with foot.
  • Additonal Parts NOT Included: This part works with a reciever tube if you do not already have one; 4" part #: OTP-SN0018-1 or 6" part #: OTP-SN0018. This part also uses a 5/8" hitch pin to hold it in place part #: OTP-HP6253WCP.
  • CUSTOM PART: This part may need modified for your use, please ask questions before ordering. Made for gooseneck flatbed models.