RC Toolbox Locking T-Handle Latch - New Style


$ 54.95 
SKU: OTP-2751-10282-S1

Part #: OTP-2751-10282-S1

Description: 1 (One) RC toolbox T-handle anchor latch, new style. Latch comes with two keys and is a direct replacement for new and old style RC Toolbox latches.

Additional Information:

• Fits standard 2-3/4" x 3-3/4" hole
• Composite construction will not crack with temperature changes
• Rotates left or right
• Has smooth poly roller on the striker that prevents scratching of paint
• Easily adjustable striker
• Handle compresses nearly .25" when closed
• No visible mounting fasteners (mounts with nylocks from within)
• The lock cylinder comes with a high quality double bitted key
• The lock cylinder can be changed out in seconds
• Better looking
• Corrosion resistant pan
• Universal replacement for current T-handle
• When locked, the handle cannot be lifted open
• This latch scored high on impact tests