Ratchet Chain Binder, 1/4"

US Cargo Control

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SKU: OTP-6049
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  • Part #: OTP-6049
  • Description: 1 (One) 1/4" ratchet chain binder. Our heavy duty ratchet chain binders are designed to tighten chain tie downs over a load. Features a forged steel handle design for maximum leverage, and a cam and prawl mechanism to create a smooth, ratcheting action. All of our load binders meet FMCSA and DOT specifications, and have size, break strength, and working load limit information on the handle. This 1/4" ratchet chain binder is designed for use with 1/4" Grade 70 Transport Chain. We also carry a 1/4" lever binder.
    • Assembly Break Strength: 7,800 lbs.
    • Working Load Limit: 2,600 lbs.
    • Product Weight: 3.5
    • Chain Size: 1/4"