KTI - Pump Repair Kits, for Single Acting Pumps


$ 77.95 

  • Part #: OTP-KTI-R
  • Description: 1 (One) Repair Kit for KTI brand pumps. Eliminate the guess work of diagnosing your faulty pump with our KTI repair kits. Each kit is tailored to the most common replaceable parts on your pump.  Maybe your pump just needs a start switch or maybe a full blown rebuild, We have the kit to get you up and running! 
  • Applications: Single acting (power up/gravity down) KTI branded pumps, and other similar units. To see our Repair kits for Double acting units click here!
  • Tech Tips: If you are unsure of what your pump may need, feel free to contact us, We are more then happy to help with any pump part questions you have!