Kodiak Rotor 5,200-6,000 LB Axles


$ 71.95 

  • Part #: OTP-ROTOR-12-DAC
  • Description: 1 (One) 12" Kodiak "Slip Over" Rotor for 5,200-6,000 lb axle. Part comes in Dacromet coated finish, All Kodiak rotors are vented for heat dissipation, and come balanced from the factory.
  • Application:  Slips over industry standard 6 hole Idler Hub with 6-5.5 Lug pattern. Wheels must be 15" or larger. 
  • Dacromet Finish:  Provides the best value of protection for corrosion, freshwater and saltwater use. Salt spray tested-Rated at 300 - 400 Hours.
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty