Equalizer for 2-1/2" Wide Slipper Springs - 15-3/4" Long with 1" Center Hole


$ 146.95 
SKU: OTP-184173-EQ

  • Part #: OTP-184173-EQ
  • Description: 1 (One) Equalizer for 2-1/2" wide slipper springs, Features an all steel roller for slipper spring assembly.  Top bushing features bronze bushing pressed into rubber.
  • Specs:
    • 15-3/4" Long
    • 1" Center hole
    • 3/4" Spring Eye hole
  • Application: Fits Lippert 10K Axles, and some Al-Ko / Hayes axles as well, along with other 10k trailer axles.
  • Note: OEM for Snake River Trailer and C&B Quality Trailer brand trailers equipped with 10k slipper spring axles. This is for the equalizer only.