Bearing Kit for 2,000 lb Axle with Inner/Outer Bearings L44643, 12192TB Double Lip Seal


$ 17.95 
SKU: OTP-BK1-100

  • Part #: OTP-BK1-100
  • Description: 1 (One) Bearing kit for 2,000 lb axle with BT8 spindles that use inner and outer bearings L44643 and a 12192TB double lip seal. 1 kit needed per hub or 2 kits per axle.
  • Kit includes:
    • One inner bearing L44643 and race L44610
    • One outer bearing L44643 and race L44610
    • Grease seal 12192TB with I.D. 1.250" & 1.980" O.D. 
    • Cotter pin - for standard spindle applications