Panel Mount Battery Charger - 1.5 Amps

Premium Supply

$ 49.95 

  • Part #: OTP-UE1201S
  • Description:  1 (One) Panel mount battery charger that accepts AC 120 volt, 60Hz, 0.4 amp input via a standard 3-prong extension cord (not included) and puts out DC 12V, 1.5 amps to your battery. Charger comes with 2 - 24" battery cable leads that have 3/8" eye ends. The 3-prong receptacle passes through the side of the tool box (via a 1-3/4" hole) giving access to plug a standard 3-prong extension cord into for easy charging. Comes with LED self-resetting circuit breaker. This charger works well if you plug it in daily when not in use to maintain a strong battery. If you need a more powerful one that can recharge a dead battery overnight, check out our 8 amp charger.
  • MODIFICATION MAY BE REQUIRED: This part may require you to cut a 1-3/4" hole in the side of your tool box to mount properly. Please make sure this will work for you or you can modify to make work with your setup before ordering.