Cam Bar Latch - Black (non-locking)

Austin Hardware

$ 24.95 $ 29.95

  • Part #: OTP-BP15-NOKEY
  • Description: 1 (One) Black cam bar latch without tumbler and keys. This part is manufactured from hi-grade aluminum die cast material. All internal working components are made from stainless steel. All that is needed to secure the bar-lock lever into the cam bar lock is to bring the bar down onto the beveled entry jaw and the cam bar latch automatically opens to receive the bar, and then closes as well, to retain the bar.
  • Note: This item does not come with mounting hardware, many installation variables. We offer these as an option to install OTP-1/4"-20x1-1/4"TORX. This is the non-locking version and does not come with tumbler and keys. You can find the locking version here OTP-BP15-AEO59KEY