Disc Brake Kit for 3,500 LB Axle - Kodiak


$ 269.95 $ 285.26

  • Part #: OTP-2HRCM-10-DAC
  • Description: 1 (One) 10" Kodiak disc brake kit for 3,500 lb axle. Disc brakes offer better performance over standard drum brakes in every aspect. Shorter stopping time, with fewer parts to replace or wear out. One piece hub-rotors are balanced from factory for a smooth ride. This is the most complete kit out there, and will retro fit 1 axle with new bearings, new grease seals, and also includes 10 - 1/2" 60 degree cone style lug nuts. 
  • Specifications: 10" Hub/Rotor, Dacromet coating provides the best value of protection for corrosion, freshwater and saltwater use. Salt spray tested-Rated at 300 - 400 Hours.
  • Kit includes:
  • Application:  5 hole wheels with 5-4.5 pattern with 1/2" lugs, fits 13" or larger wheels, caliper mounts to 84 style spindle with brake flange. 
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty